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To transform education in our four areas of expertise (Training, Teaching, Theater, Tourism) through the power of play.


To be the leading organization in ushering creative hubs and communities.


Who we are

Balaiwari Immersive and Gamified Experiences, Inc. is a duly registered play and education company which offers participatory and gamified trainings, immersive plays, theater for pedagogy, and events management and consulting.

What we do

We turn ordinary team buildings to thematic, storified and reality-based experiences. We turn cultural and historical tours into transformative experiences. We create events and brands into memorable experience. We turn trainings, workshops, and seminars, to playminars-participatory, engaging, and fun experience

To whom we do it

Organizations who are seeking: 

  • Skills Training

  • Strategic planning

  • Business Modeling and Value Proposition

  • Events Management

  • Conflict and Crisis Management

  • Values Formation

  • Organizational Culture Building

How we do it

We offer a method and system that creates multisensorial, meaningful, and memorable experiences through play.

Why we do it

We believe that learning emerge through authentic experiences, and that play is the best way to make this happen.


Gian Carlo U. de Jesus

Chief Playmaker

  • Over 20-year experience as community-theater practitioner.

  • Helped developed more than 10 community-based theater organizations around the Philippines.

  • Developed own theater theory and system called “Bahay-Bahayan System and Philosophy” – a play-based theater method and model applied to immersive and interactive theater productions, formal and non-formal education, organizational development, and transformative tourism.

  • Published a peer reviewed article on “Bahay-Bahayan” as lead author on its effectiveness in classroom teaching versus traditional methods in 2016.

  • Developed a tourism site called “Tonneru Soro-soro” a community-based interactive tour on World War 2 historical accounts. The tour is an immersive theater that will take you to the events during the waning days of the war in Batangas City of 1945.

  • Adapted Pulitzer Award Winning Play “Our Town” by Thornton Wilder to local history and culture of my own hometown Los Banos, Laguna, with the adaptation titled “Dito Sa Atin” in 2015.

  • Founded, BalaiWari Immersive and Gamified Experiences (founded 2015, registered 2017) – a company based upon the principles of play-based theater method “Bahay-Bahayan System and Philosophy.” It offers consulting and services to tourism, training, and education. It produces theatre productions, events management, gamified training design, and teacher training among other services. Please see:

  • Created the game “Patentero,” a gamified role-playing version of a module on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for the Center for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship, University of the Philippines Los Banos in 2017.

  • Adapted another Wilder work from his lesser known play “The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden” as a sequel called “Dito Sa Atin 2” in 2018. The said adaptation was tweaked from the original to become a commentary on mental health issues.

  • Working on Katipuneros RPG, the first transmedia-immersive theatre on the Philippine Revolution of 1896. This is also a trilogy that will be available online as well as in live events until 2020. This will be available in multiple platforms such as FB and IG and live events shall be toured around the country. Please view: for the teaser.

  • Facilitates “Balaiwari Theatre for Teachers” program to enable school teachers to become advocates and practitioners of play-based, interactive and gamified learning environments.

What our Co-creators have to say about the founder

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Serge Recc.PNG


sir glenn.jpg

Glenn N. Baticados

Business Development Director


Rodel Anunciado

Business Analytics

Ana Katrina P. de Jesus

Knowledge Worker

Apo Aquino, Jr.

Experiential Interface Architect


Toni Jan Monserrat

Virtual Interface Director

tita felly.jpg

Felisa G. Rivera

Marketing Specialist

Lexter Mangubat

Social Media Manager

Our contact information


9237 Lopez Ave. Batong Malake, Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines, 4030

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Balai Wari

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